Durban’s Ultimate Harbour & Sea Cruises

A voyage of discovery designed to reveal the beauty and energy of our home city – Durban

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A Durban Boat Company cruise is the best possible way to discover this vibrant, multicultural city – home to Africa’s biggest and busiest seaport, and many more attractions on land. 

Durban is a truly African city, and with Durban Boat Company, you’ll see it with fresh eyes – all while enjoying the kind of luxury that can only be found on the waves.

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Durban’s Ultimate Harbour & Sea Cruises

Each of our cruises is also a wonderful experience – a voyage of discovery designed to reveal the beauty and energy of our home city – Durban. The port of Durban has been attracting seafarers and adventurers for decades, and now you can experience the thrill of setting out to sea – and the warmth of the Durban welcome when you return.

With our luxury yacht La Vue, we offer exceptional lunch and sunset cruises, floating dinners and exclusive charters for corporate and milestone events. Each of these experiences comes with a magical extra ingredient – the beauty of Durban itself.

Whether you cruise with friends and family, colleagues or clients; whether you join us for a birthday or anniversary, The July Handicap or New Year’s Eve, we promise you an unforgettable combination of luxury, great food and music, and exceptional views of a city that has captured the world’s imagination.

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